India Evans
Birth WarriorInner KnowingMoontimeLiberoCosmic Connection The Shout of Homesickness Reaching For YouMooncycles/7chakra self portrait'Kundalini Power,' (self portrait)Frequency of Love"Full moon"Birth3The NightbirdBirthIl Rumore della SperanzaIn Ascolto del FuturoInto the BeginningAlways Music in the airBirth2Salome #1Pure consciousness Salome #3In the LostFor Justice, For Freedom, For LoveBirthThere Will Never be Another YouBelonging to Herself AloneEternal NatureBirth4Totem #6Gray EmptinessRipe VisionsMoMA (Museum Series)Totem #2Guggenheim (Museum Series)
When I use objects I see them as a vocabulary of feelings. My work explores intuitively my various stages of feminine awareness. Through the recycling and juxtaposition of various objects (forgotten, discarded and seemingly worthless), I am attempting a transformation towards a precious recollection. Resurrecting memories, collective yet intimate, visceral yet tender....piecing together beauty as if telling a story.

I am inviting the viewer to explore their childhood innocence and fantasies through their adult nostalgia and sensuality. I hope to create a romantic and playful portrait of the female identity with the possibility of entering dreams: my own or someone else's, as when a child plays dress up....full of the yearnings for beauty and mystery.